Jurjen Zeinstra, TU Delft

Publication on research into the relationship ts. Van Eesteren, garden city Hellerau and the Festspielhaus there

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Foundation Maison d'Artiste Prototype

The exhibition '100 Years of the Maison d'Artiste'. In 2023 it will be 100 years since the Maison d'Artiste... Read More

nai010 publishers, Rotterdam

Publication 'Frontier. Walks through the Anthropocene in Groningen'... Read More

Darren Rijsdijk, Utrecht University

Travel costs for master's thesis on tram construction in old town Cuenca, Ecuador... Read More

Publisher Querido Fosfor, Amsterdam

The publication 'House of Detention' (working title) 'House of Detention' is a journalistic book written from actual characters... Read More
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