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Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation (EFL Foundation)


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To preserve and manage the archives, copyrights and intellectual legacy of Prof. C. van Eesteren and Th.K. van Lohuizen. To develop and promote spatial planning, urban design, planning and landscape architecture in the spirit of Van Eesteren and Van Lohuizen.

De bestuursleden ontvangen een vrijwilligersvergoeding. Het secretariaat van de Stichting wordt verzorgd door een bureau dat op afstand secretariële ondersteuning biedt.

The policy is aimed at giving substance to the objective by granting subsidies and initiating, implementing and financing projects related to the intellectual legacy of Prof. Van Eesteren and Prof. Ir. Van Lohuizen, as well as developing and promoting urban development, planning and landscape architecture in their spirit.

Plans / activities in 2021
The report 'The Netherlands' best kept secret' written by AEF (research on the Profiling of the EFL Foundation) has led to the proposal to organize an Open Call. The Open Call with the theme 'climate justice' seeks answers by setting its sights on the triangle of design, research and policy and the cross-links between them. The EFL Foundation believes that the collaboration of experts from different backgrounds and fields of work will contribute to the quality of new perspectives and insights on climate justice.
In 2021, a start was made to generate more awareness for the Foundation. In addition to a LinkedIn page and an Instagram account, the EFL Foundation website has been completely revamped. There is more space for news items and grant applications can now be submitted completely digitally.

Condensed statement of income and expenses 2021
Net investment result   789.811
Other income        3.972
Total income    793.783
Other expenses     -75.018
Committed grants and contributions to projects   -537.260
Total expenses  -612.278
Balance of total assets and liabilities    181.505


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