About the EFL Foundation

The Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation manages the legacy of the architect-urbanist Prof. C. van Eesteren (1897-1988) and of his colleague and kindred spirit urban planner Prof.ir. Th.K. van Lohuizen (1890-1956).

The EFL Foundation was established in 1975 with a dual purpose. On the one hand, it aims to preserve and manage the archives, copyrights and intellectual legacy of Cornelis van Eesteren and Theodoor van Lohuizen. On the other hand, through subsidies, the foundation stimulates the development of urban design, planning and landscape architecture in the spirit of Van Eesteren and Van Lohuizen.

Board and staff

Hilde Blank - Chairman

Ir. Hilde (H.M.) Blank is an urban planner and director/owner of BVR, Bureau for Spatial Development in Rotterdam. From her office she is a.o. supervisor for Schieoevers... Read More

Huib van Eesteren - Treasurer/Secretary

Mr. Huib (H.) van Eesteren is een neef van Cornelis van Eesteren. Hij is gepensioneerd in 2013. Read More

Edwin Buitelaar - Member of the Board

Prof. Edwin (E.) Buitelaar is a researcher in the field of area and real estate development at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. In addition, he is an endowed professor at the... Read More

Catja Edens - Member of the Board

Catja (J.C.) Edens MA, architectural historian. She is doing her PhD research at the Curatorial Research Collective at TU Eindhoven. Previously, she was a researcher for the... Read More

Harma Horlings – Bestuurslid

Harma (H.J.) Horlings MSc, is landschapsarchitect en senior adviseur bij Staatsbosbeheer en werkte eerder bij H+N+S landschapsarchitecten. Daarnaast geeft zij colleges en beoordeelt tentamens aan… Read More

Stan Majoor - Member of the Board

Dr. Stan (S.J.H.) Majoor is Lecturer in Coordination of Metropolitan Issues and Director of the Centre of Expertise in Urban Governance and Social Innovation at the University of Applied Sciences in... Read More

Maarten van Poelgeest - Member of the Board

Maarten (M.) van Poelgeest is a partner at the consultancy Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF). Between 2006 and 2014, he was alderman for the municipality of Amsterdam... Read More

Leeke Reinders - Member of the Board

Dr. Leeke (L.G.A.J.) Reinders is an anthropologist with the Chair of Urban Architecture at TU Delft. In his research, teaching and publications he explores the... Read More

Femke E. Dijkstra - Secretary

Ms Femke (F.E.) Dijkstra is self-employed and works from Amsterdam to support the EFL Foundation. Read More

Roos te Velde – Student-assistent

Roos (R.D.A.) te Velde studeert af aan de TU Delft in Urbanism en werkt als student-assistent voor de EFL Stichting. Zij coördineert het project ‘Ontwerpen… Read More

Bouke de Jong – Student-assistent

Bouke (B.J.J.) de Jong studeert Landschapsarchitectuur aan de TU Delft en werkt als student-assistent voor de EFL Stichting. Hij ondersteunt het bestuur bij vergaderingen, projecten… Read More