Maarten van Poelgeest - Member of the Board

Maarten (M.) van Poelgeest is a partner at the consulting firm Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF). Between 2006 and 2014, he was alderman of the city of Amsterdam responsible for Spatial Planning, Land Development, Climate & Energy. Currently, Maarten is chairperson of the Built Environment Implementation Table and administrative diplomat Almere 2.0.

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Catja Edens - Member of the Board

Catja (J.C.) Edens MA, architectural historian. She is doing her PhD research at the Curatorial Research Collective at TU Eindhoven. Previously, she was a researcher for the... Read More

Hilde Blank - Chairman

Ir. Hilde (H.M.) Blank is an urban planner and director/owner of BVR, Bureau for Spatial Development in Rotterdam. From her office she is a.o. supervisor for Schieoevers... Read More

Edwin Buitelaar - Member of the Board

Prof. Edwin (E.) Buitelaar is a researcher in the field of area and real estate development at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. In addition, he is an endowed professor at the... Read More

Roos te Velde – Student-assistent

Roos (R.D.A.) te Velde studeert af aan de TU Delft in Urbanism en werkt als student-assistent voor de EFL Stichting. Zij coördineert het project ‘Ontwerpen… Read More
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