NVTL, Amsterdam

The Gift to the Netherlands - Designing for the Future (Atelier Stories) of the Dutch Society for Garden and Landscape Architecture (NVTL), on the occasion of its 100th anniversary in 2022. The anniversary year will be filled with festive and substantive activities, based on three pillars. The last pillar '100 visions' consists of activities focused on the future, with as main element a publication Het Cadeau aan Nederland - Ontwerpkracht voor de Toekomst (The Gift to the Netherlands - Designing Power for the Future). With the Gift to the Netherlands, the NVTL gives an impulse to the already existing movement towards the future. The professional community of garden and landscape architects and designers plays an important role in designing the future of the Netherlands with a focus on the long term. This is not about 'the right plan', but about the learning capacity with which the many plans can contribute to the desired future.

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