LM Publishers, Volendam

Publication of the Ng'ambo Atlas on Zanzibar's 'Other Side

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Cityförster, Rotterdam

Carbon Based Design, research into CO2 storage and certification in urban... Read More

Valiz, Amsterdam

Stadsessay met als werktitel: ‘Vertrouwen, wederkerigheid en gemeenschapsvorming – Ontwerpen aan een rechtvaardige stad’. De verschraling van… Read More

Kees Doevendans & Anne Schram | Realised

Short-term research on the late 19th- and early 20th-century urban movements... Read More

Quita Schabracq, Ac. van Bouwkunst A'dam

Beirut travel expenses for master's research 'The value of scars in buildings'... Read More
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