The launch of: 'Shallow Waters Magazine

The 'Shallow Waters Magazine' was launched at the Venice Architecture Biennale on 24 September 2021.

This magazine by bureau LADA, supported by the EFL Foundation, explores two extreme cases of urbanised shallow water areas - the Markermeer/IJsselmeer in the heart of the Netherlands and the Venetian Lagoon. One is probably the most technologically controlled water on earth, while the other balances natural water cycles, extreme weather and a robust tourism economy.

It offers reflection points for similar areas where the expected sea level rise in the near future raises urgent questions about human and more than human coexistence, technology, economics, and both ecological and social metabolisms.

The magazine is available on the publisher's website.


Images: LADA Agency

Microscopic images: Wim van Egmond

Initiative: Bureau LADA, Dr. Harm van de Geest from (IBED) of the UvA, biologist Camilla Bertollini, Dr. Davide Tagliapietra, Marco Sigiovini, Irene Guarneri (CNR-ISMAR) of the 'Institute of Marine Sciences Venice', Alice Smits and Carolyn F. Strauss, Dr. Laura Onofri, microphotographer Wim van Egmond, Haller Brun (graphic design magazine)

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