Oliwia Jackowska, Rotterdam

Reiskosten Masteronderzoeksproject Disrupting the gendered order: Advancing from Vienna’s strategic approach to gender mainstreaming in urban planning. this research is a continuation of an extensive scientific article that I have authored with Maria Novas (researcher at TU Delft and Universidad de Sevilla), published by Planning Perspectives in May 2022 about an exhibition curated by Vienna’s feminist urban planners in 1991. The publication documents this key moment in the city’s history (or rather herstory) that changed the course of the Vienna’s (and very likely Europe’s) gender-sensitive urban planning practices, but its importance has been forgotten due to lack of documentation.

In the current graduation, I am aiming to learn from this historical event and all the positive planning practices that followed in Vienna afterward. This project focuses on the most challenging issue – intersectionality. Importantly, vulnerable migrant women in the district of Favoriten are not included in the general strategies of gender mainstreaming as much as Austrian white women. Since the information on the daily practices and needs of this group is still scarce, the project requires extensive fieldwork including interviews, ethnographic research, and participation in daily routines.

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