Van Eesteren Museum, Amsterdam

SuperWest Project 2000-2020

In 2000, the renewal of the post-war city started in Nieuw-West. In the years 2000-2021, 25,000 dwellings were built and renovated and the quality of life was greatly improved with a wealth of new urban housing, collective and public spaces. The extent and quality of the renewal are underexposed in the public debate. The project presents the results and draws lessons for the continuation of urban renewal in Nieuw-West and other post-war districts in NL.
In SuperWest, the results of the renewal are documented, evaluated, presented and discussed, with a focus on four neighbourhoods: Staalmanplein, Laan van Spartaan, the Van Eesteren Buitenmuseum and the Bakema and Dudok neighbourhoods. The evaluation will take place together with residents and the developers, corporations and architects involved. We draw lessons (spatial and social) for the coming renewal of the Roëllbuurts and the Masterplan Nieuw West.
In the publication SuperWest (Thoth Publishers), in an exhibition in the pavilion and in an outdoor exhibition with a programme of activities (walks, scavenger hunts, talks), the aspects of the planned and lived city of New West are highlighted.

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