Shivam Srivastava, TU Delft

Travel costs to Durban for research as part of COCREATE MYCITY DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA project

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THOTH Publishing House | Realised

Publication 'Jongens, maak het maar mooi - Ambtenaar in Amsterdam 1963 - 1986'... Read More

nai010 publishers, Rotterdam

Publication 'Frontier. Walks through the Anthropocene in Groningen'... Read More

Oliwia Jackowska, Rotterdam

Reiskosten Masteronderzoeksproject Disrupting the gendered order: Advancing from Vienna’s strategic approach to gender mainstreaming in urban planning. Read More

Bureau KNOB, Delft

Publicatie van OverHolland 22 over de naoorlogse universiteitscampus. OverHolland is een serie die zich vooral richt op… Read More
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