Carolien Burgers, TU Eindhoven

Travel costs related to the thesis research in Philadelphia, as part of the IMAGINE project

More grants N. de Vreeze, Amsterdam

Publication 'The Soul of German Cities. The drama of destruction and reconstruction'... Read More

Wooncoöperatie De Warren, Amsterdam

Documentairefilm De Warren over de gelijknamige zelfbouw-wooncoöperatie. De Warren wordt een documentairefilm over de gelijknamige zelfbouw-wooncoöperatie. De… Read More

Frits Palmboom, Amsterdam

Seminar 'Spatial Perspectives - IJsselmeer and beyond', February 2020... Read More

Zuzanna Sekula, TU Delft

Travel expenses for master research on how a strategic framework can lead to the creation of an inclusive New... Read More
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