Grant conditions

De EFL Stichting heeft als doelstelling het ontwikkelen en bevorderen van de stedenbouwkunde, planologie en landschapsarchitectuur in de geest van Cornelis van Eesteren en Theodoor Karel van Lohuizen. Daartoe kent de Stichting subsidies toe aan onderzoeksprojecten, individuele studiereizen en publicaties op het gebied van stedenbouw, planologie en landschapsarchitectuur. Per project wordt maximaal € 12.500 gefinancierd.

Grant applications must fit within the Foundation's objective and field of activity. In addition, they must meet one or more of the following conditions:

- The project has an innovative character
- The project has an exemplary function
- The project has social support.

- projects by independent professionals and academics in the field of design, research and policy which give an innovative or more in-depth impetus to the field of study;
- publications within the field of study that contribute to renewal and/or deepening
- seminars and workshops that contribute to renewal and deepening;
- projects related to the work of the namesake with a clear link to renewal and deepening in the present;
- travel expenses in the framework of individual research projects within a relevant Master study up to a maximum of €1,500.

The EFL Foundation does not provide subsidies for the preparation and implementation of new building, renovation and restoration projects; activities of (semi) governmental bodies; activities that are part of the regular tasks of institutions of higher and scientific education; group trips of students; exhibitions and research activities in the context of a doctoral thesis.

- Each application for a subsidy of individual study trips must be supported by the professor under whose supervision the graduation project takes place, or by the internship supervisor of both the educational institution and the institution where the internship is carried out, or by the supervisor.
- In the case of study trips, travel costs are generally eligible, but never the cost of living and accommodation.
- Within Europe, the Foundation prefers to travel by train wherever possible, even if this is more expensive than flying.
- The application for funding of a research project must be accompanied by a structured project plan, a budget of the total project and a CV of the project leader.
- As a rule, large-scale research projects are only eligible if one or more other bodies provide co-financing. The foundation prefers to grant subsidies for specific parts of an eligible project.
- The application for funding of a publication must be submitted by the publisher and must be accompanied by a synopsis, a budget and a CV of the author.
- The grant will only be awarded if the research project or publication is actually realised.