Publisher Querido Fosfor, Amsterdam

The publication 'House of Detention' (working title)

House of Detention' is a journalistic book written from actual characters of detainees about the ideals and influences of the design of the Bijlmer Bajes (1978-2017), designed by Koos Pot-Keegstra. Koos Pot-Keegstra was an architect of the New Objectivity and she put form in service of function. Her designs had a strong social purpose. The book examines the Bijlmerbajes primarily as a symbol, in order to answer from a broader perspective a major question about social engineering and imprisonment. It also poses the question: what will remain of the ideals of Koos Pot-Keegstra after the Bijlmerbajes is razed to the ground? What do we learn from the stories that took place here?

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