Viewing tip! The Van Rossems tell each other stories about the AUP

In the television programme Hier zijn de Van Rossems (Here are the Van Rossems), historian Maarten van Rossem, his sister Sis (art historian) and his brother Vincent (architectural historian) explore a city in the Netherlands or their immediate surroundings. In the next episode, Maarten takes them to a number of places in Amsterdam that the average tourist easily overlooks. They visit the Van Eesteren Museum and several other museums. Vincent also knows a few more places and shows how green and spacious Amsterdam is in some places. He explains this using the General Extension Plan (AUP) by Cornelis van Eesteren and his ideas about light, air and space.

The episode will be broadcast on Saturday evening, 7 May, at 20.40 on NPO 2 and can already be seen via NPO Plus.


Image: NTR

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